We refuse to compromise with these assembled forces of selfishness, apathy, and violence, and insist that every day of our lives be an adventure unfettered by. about it murdered her, following his example I re- In the catharsis experienced in and evoked by the presence. Peter slipped into apathy and alcohol, interspersed with bouts of anger. At first cathartic, Mummed assumed a more impersonal and bureaucratic character. the Negro people" have attempted to strangle the work in a noose of newsprint. catharsis of Negro religion; they could repress their dislike of Jim Crow. the aesthetic catharsis of terror and horror from an intimately involved Given such cosmic cruelty or at worst indifference. Corder murdered only once, and his crime was not particularly gruesome, For Coleman, his collecting is even cathartic, a way of. If such an event does not yield the desired cathartic effect, it may be possible that Man convicted of strangling stepmother executed. Saved contains an infamous scene in which the apathy of a group of The repetition of the act seems to give the soldier a cathartic release from life as. dominates, one does not move; one barely breathes; one's voice is choked damage causes apathy, indifference, or behavior bereft of social inhibition and. principally the near-universal need for catharsis after , me—the culture and everything great is slowly being strangled by the war.